Tap to Pay on iPhone. No terminal needed.

With Tap to Pay on iPhone1 and INTIX Box Office, you can accept all types of in-person, contactless payments right on your iPhone—from physical debit and credit cards to Apple Pay and other digital wallets—no extra terminals or hardware needed. It’s easy, secure, and private.

Simple set up

Download the INTIX Box Office App, and start accepting payments on your iPhone.

No set up or hardware fees2

You'll only pay for tickets purchased on the INTIX Box Office App.

Convenience for your customers

Accept major credit and debit cards and digital wallets.

Secure and private transactions

Tap to Pay on iPhone uses the security features of iPhone to keep your business and customer data secure.

Tap to Pay on iPhone with the INTIX Box Office App

Accepting payments has never been easier. Streamline your payments experience with just the INTIX Box Office App and your iPhone, so you can accept payments anytime, anywhere. No extra hardware needed1.

  • No extra hardware needed

    Ditch any extra payments hardware and accept payments right there on your iPhone.

  • Secure payments, everytime

    Trust your business and customer data is in good hands with the built-in security features of the iPhone.

Tap to Pay on iPhone

Get started with Tap to Pay on iPhone

Existing INTIX New Zealand customers can manage their access through the INTIX Dashboard. New customers can build their first event.

Set up your event

Click Create an Event to build your event

Download the app

Download the INTIX Box Office App.

Start taking payments

Straight from your iPhone.

Pricing & Fees

There is no additional fee to use Tap to Pay on iPhone

INTIX Box Office App
INTIX Box Office With Tap to Pay on iPhone
Bank Merchant
EFTPOS Terminal
Per Transaction Fee
Equipment Purchase/Hire Fee
No2~$90+ per device~$29 per month (minimum monthly requirements)

Ability to accept payments anywhere

Dynamic Surcharging

Pass fees onto customer or absorb

Pass on or absorb the feesFees deducted from your paymentFees deducted from your payment
Online Sales Integration

Sell tickets online through the same integration

Single Merchant Reconciliation

Only reconcile one payment source not multiple if using online tickets.

Audience Building

Build a marketable audience


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Request a demonstration with an INTIX Ticketing Specialist

Tap to Pay on iPhone is one of many amazing features offered within INTIX's cutting-edge technology suite. Speak to one of our amazing ticketing specialists on how INTIX can improve efficiencies on door sales plus on top of your entire ticketing operations.

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